Conference Livestream: The role of museums as places of social inclusion

The 12th Hands On! Conference, is taking place between 22-26 October 2019 at Europe's oldest operating children's museum, Young Museum Frankfurt. The...
little visitor rights museum children

Rights of the Little Visitor at the Museum

Earlier this year, CSMVS Mumbai introduced an extremely inspiring project : a Children's Museum, curated and managed by children. Intensive workshops and...
Queen Victoria Kensington Palace museum community engagement

Victoria, Empress of India: A poetic exploration at Kensington Palace

2019 marks the 200th birth anniversary of Queen Victoria and has been a significant year for Historic Royal Palaces. It brought us...
workshop csmvs indian art

Opportunities & Challenges in Exhibiting Indian Art: A workshop at CSMVS

In recent years, museums around the world are assuming more responsibility in their roles as cultural and thought leaders. Museums in...

#ChaloMuseum: Take the Pledge

(Featured Image credits to the very talented Bhaskar Chitrakar) The #ChaloMuseum Vision #ChaloMuseum...
chalo museum visits india

#ChaloMuseum : Visiting Museums in India

Have you ever raised an eyebrow at the thought of visiting a museum in India? Then this post is for you!
india art fair edit-a-thon

India Art Fair Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon 2019

The Heritage Lab, in collaboration with WeWork India, was proud to organise India Art Fair's first ever Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon. This...

India and the World : Lessons to learn from India’s first blockbuster exhibition

The “India and the World,” exhibition, which landed at the CSMVS exactly a year ago, abounded in riches of every kind. 230 objects spread...

Discover India with 8 Awesome Museums!!

In this digital-savvy world, museums are rediscovering new ways and tools to engage with their audiences - and Instagram is a hot favourite! In...

This Diamond Necklace commissioned by an Indian Maharaja is the Star of a Hollywood...

When a Hollywood movie combines Museums and Indian Maharaja-archives, it's got to be one you cannot miss! The French luxury designer brand 'Cartier' recently re-created...