13 artworks by DAG Museums are now “Open Access” !

The OpenGLAM world just got richer by 13 historic artworks from India thanks to the folks at DAG Museums. Now that might sound...

#DollyPartonChallenge : The real social-media message for museums

It was like any other day - except that instead of Friday-Feeling memes, #dollypartonchallenge was trending. But wait, what IS this challenge? The Dolly Parton...
museum future 2030

The Museum of the Future : a vision for the next decade (2030)

2020 : two decades into the new millennium. Three decades into 'digital revolution'. In this time, we survived Y2K, moved on from Minesweeper &...

Conference Livestream: The role of museums as places of social inclusion

The 12th Hands On! Conference, is taking place between 22-26 October 2019 at Europe's oldest operating children's museum, Young Museum Frankfurt. The 5-day conference...
little visitor rights museum children

Rights of the Little Visitor at the Museum

Earlier this year, CSMVS Mumbai introduced an extremely inspiring project : a Children's Museum, curated and managed by children. Intensive workshops and many creative...
Queen Victoria Kensington Palace museum community engagement

Victoria, Empress of India: A poetic exploration at Kensington Palace

2019 marks the 200th birth anniversary of Queen Victoria and has been a significant year for Historic Royal Palaces. It brought us the opportunity...
workshop csmvs indian art

Opportunities & Challenges in Exhibiting Indian Art: A workshop at CSMVS

In recent years, museums around the world are assuming more responsibility in their roles as cultural and thought leaders. Museums in India are...

#ChaloMuseum: Take the Pledge

(Featured Image credits to the very talented Bhaskar Chitrakar) The #ChaloMuseum Vision #ChaloMuseum is a call to action, reminding audiences in India of the wealth...
chalo museum visits india

#ChaloMuseum : Visiting Museums in India

Have you ever raised an eyebrow at the thought of visiting a museum in India? Then this post is for you! Picture this: you're...
india art fair edit-a-thon

India Art Fair Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon 2019

The Heritage Lab, in collaboration with WeWork India, was proud to organise India Art Fair's first ever Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon. This was a preview...
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