The Mythology Crossword by Government Museum, Chandigarh

The Government Museum Chandigarh has an eclectic collection. Test your MQ [mythology quotient] while exploring this detail from a Gita Govinda by Manaku in Pahari style! You can fill the Crossword online based on the clues provided.

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Detail from the painting

To fill the crossword, click on the Clue!

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Take a look at the Gita Govinda painting below:

Gita Govinda Manaku Jayadeva

What is the Gita Govinda

Composed by Jayadeva in the 12th century, the lyrical poem charmingly describes the iridescent shades of love that Krishna and Radha shared. The myriad emotions, from the anguish of separation to the ecstacy of union, have been beautifully rendered, and are taken to symbolically represent the longing of the human soul for god. What has made Geet-Govinda more fascinating is the delineation of the eight different moods of Radha or the heroine (the ashta nayika), which has not only inspired innumerable art compositions but many choreographic works in Indian classical dances as well. The engaging paintings based on the composition delight the soul of the beholder and reiterate the essence of bhakti – love, devotion and absolute submission.

The painting by Manaku

In this painting Manaku has visualised the “Preface” to Gita Govinda where Jayadeva, the author of the poem praises Vishnu. Manaku thus shows Jayadev bowing down to a four-armed Vishnu, highlighting each of the avatars sequentially, on the wall behind. Here’s a short note summarizing these ‘wondrous deeds’ quoted from Prof. B.N Goswamy’s ‘Pahari Masters’ (page 252).

  • for upholding the Vedas
  • for supporting the Earth
  • for raising the world
  • for tearing the demon asunder
  • for deceiving Bali
  • for destroying the Warrior class
  • for conquering Ravana
  • for wielding the plough
  • for spreading compassion
  • for routing the barbarians

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