Digital Storytelling Festival : telling stories with Open Cultural Heritage

Collaboration Snapshot
Partner : Europeana Foundation
Work : we developed this initiative and co-led a series of workshops and trainings for cultural professionals during 2021 – 2023. In the future the initiative is executed by Europeana independently.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Europeana Foundation to host the Digital Storytelling Festival. We created this festival in 2021 with the aim of inspiring and enabling cultural professionals to tell stories for the digital space (web / social media).

Starting with an Opening Gala on May 10-11, our platform offers individuals as well as institutions, an opportunity to showcase their work and interesting narrative formats.

The program includes :

  • Pecha Kucha style creative Demonstrations
  • Workshops and Conversations (including GIF and meme-making!)
  • a month long Contest to create stories with openly licensed cultural material

Who can participate: Cultural Professionals / Emerging Cultural Professionals or someone passionate about cultural heritage.

Here’s why you should sign up:

1. Learn & Develop your Storytelling Skills with help from the Experts!

Join 400+ participants in signing up for a stellar lineup at the Opening Gala. Speakers include: Lakshmi Choudhry of Splainer,  Kate Wojtczak, the Editor of Daily Art Magazine , Sannuta Raghu of, and the amazing Dr. Tanaya who we know as Dr. Cuterus on Instagram. Over the two days, gain insights and helpful tips on creating impactful stories for social media and the web !

2. Be Inspired

Our Pecha-Kucha session showcases great storytelling projects from Europe and India. These are sure to leave you inspired !

3. Create a range of stories. Share Them.

You have an entire month to create stories using open-cultural material. We welcome all kinds of formats : from memes and GIFs to long form articles, Youtube videos or IG posts / Reels! We then share the submitted stories (check out the ones from 2021) on our Festival ‘Publication’ and open it to a Public Vote at the end of the month. Winning stories are additionally featured on The Heritage Lab and Europeana platforms.

Helpful: you can Create Memes using our Art Meme-Maker

4. Get Feedback on your work from a diverse Jury

The Jury for the 2022 edition include Abhay Adhikari of Digital Identities, Fresco Sam-Sin of Things That Talk and Lisa Peter, Co-Director of Midland Creative Projects. Their work speaks for them – so be sure to check out the links.

5. It is free!

The Festival is free, open to everyone and online – but it will require your time and enthusiasm!

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