Watch : Prof. Kavita Singh’s illuminating lectures on Indian paintings and museum-practice

In memory of Prof. Kavita Singh (1964-2023).

Kavita Singh, the globally renowned, distinguished art historian and academic has died aged 59.  She was admired and respected for her pathbreaking research and work in Indian art & museum studies; her zeal for continuous learning and generosity in sharing knowledge. In 2018 she was conferred the Infosys Prize for Humanities, in recognition of her significant body of work. 

What drew Kavita Singh to Art History? 

Singh has published several essays on secularism and religiosity, fraught national identities, and the memorialization of difficult histories as they relate to museums in South Asia and beyond. She has also published on aspects of Mughal and Rajput painting.

Lectures & Talks by Prof. Kavita Singh

Among Prof. Kavita Singh’s legacies are her riveting talks & lectures that enriched any listener – whether a newbie to the field of art, or a seasoned art historian! Her captivating presence, on stage and screen will be missed. 

We thus honour her, by highlighting some of her lectures about art, and museums over the decade. You can also find the playlist on YouTube.

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