The best of ‘Sufi Thursdays’ : stories, art and more.

In the Sufi tradition, Thursdays are traditionally reserved for important religious events and are marked by spiritual gatherings, qawwali sessions, reflection and contemplation.

In July 2020, we started a conversation on Twitter about Sufi culture. And #SufiThursdays was thus born.

Over the years, some of the members of our community have continued to discover and share collections from museums that depict Sufi-culture, snippets about their experiences at Dargahs, and their blogs!

In this photo-album, we share the best of #SufiThursdays

Click on any photo to view the submissions. Don’t forget to give them your love!

You can contribute by sharing a social-media post or your blog with the hashtag #SufiThursdays on Twitter / Instagram. We look forward to your posts!

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