In Pictures: The Triumphal Reception of the Sikh Guns

On winning the first Anglo Sikh War, Sir Henry Harting ordered all the guns taken from the Sikhs to be sent to Calcutta & gave directions to the Dy. Governor to receive them with due honour & ceremony. Grand preparations were made & triumphal arches were also erected with the names Aliwal, Moodkee, Sobraon & Ferozeshur on the four sides.

You can see that the fields of the Esplanade are crowded with natives & at one extremity of it stand two hundred & fifty two Sikh guns. Elephants & Camels are crowding in.

In front of the Government House, the Dy. Governor with Sir Harry Smith, the hero of Aliwal on his right, the Several Members of Council & other officials assembled on horse back. The guns were arranged in a line.

Notes & Photo Credits.

Pic 1 : @brownlibrary
Pic 2 : @bonhams1793
Indian Portrait 3 by Anil Relia
The Life of the Right Rev. Daniel Wilson (1861).

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