Women’s Work / Worth : a digital museum

The Heritage Lab, in collaboration with King’s College London is excited to announce an online museum focusing on gendered labour and social justice in India.

As we build this exhibition, we invite you to participate. Read below.

October 25, 2023

A Time to Care : add your story to the archive

Women undertaking household tasks may be an ordinary and everyday occurrence – but this can also be viewed as ignoring the significance of women’s labour.

While some women find comfort and satisfaction in domestic tasks, others find these burdensome.

As part of the digital museum on Women’s Work, we seek stories about the way women experience their time.

Send us a photo of an object along with your story. You can also share this on social media with the hashtag #aTimeToCare 

We encourage submissions from (or about) women who are single / married; are home-makers or working professionals. You can read two submissions below for reference.

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[ Photo of a phone on the bathroom sink ] “I am a doctor with two children (8, 11). The only time I get for myself is the fifteen minutes in the bathroom in the morning. This is when I like to read WhatsApp messages from my friends or family and then I wonder how they all find time to enjoy. I love my family, but after dropping my kids to school, I am at the hospital till I get back home and help them with their homework and prepare for the next day. This is my stress-buster. My husband cooks dinner — but I feel tired of not having a social life” – Anandita (43), Kolkata

May 26, 2023

Call for Curatorial Essays

The first two segments of the museum are centred around women’s unwaged care / domestic work and paid-domestic work.

We invite abstracts for curatorial essays that shed light on the historical context of these themes.

[submissions closed]

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