Looking At Art

A guide to discovering the art of India & its best artists!

sunayani devi

Remembering Sunayani Devi: A forgotten artist from history

When we think of artists from pre-independence India, Raja Ravi Verma, Abanindranath Tagore or Nandalal Bose come to mind. However, it wasn't an all-boys...
sraswati yg srimati

A Goddess for Basant: YG Srimati’s Saraswati

It's Basant Panchami! We celebrate Basant Panchami and the onset of spring with a painting of the deity to whom the day is dedicated-...

How a ‘Woman with a Lamp on Diwali’ became an iconic painting

This image of a woman holding a lamp is one of India’s most iconic paintings. But what makes it so special? Is the woman...
abstract art nasreen mohamedi

The Abstract Art of Nasreen Mohamedi

"The abstract art of Nasreen Mohamedi is a significant contribution to modernism, expanding the boundaries of western art history" Nasreen Mohamedi is India's first woman...

Nandalal Bose : The Man Who Illustrated the Constitution of India

The Constitution of India has a simply wonderful story to tell. The journey of its creation is nothing short of a bestseller laden with...

Look! 6 Paintings by S.H Raza : Ideas & Activities

Raza's art is an example of how simple geometric shapes can convey powerful ideas.  Here's a  deeper look into the art and philosophy of S.H Raza : India's most...
jamini roy for children

Looking at Art : Jamini Roy Activity Sheet

Jamini Roy, Tagore and a sholapith - terracotta Durga are essential to every Bengali household and my grandparents' home wasn't any different. Of all...
5 women artists of india

5 women artists of India that you must know!

Chances are, if you googled "women artists of India", you'd come across a series of lists, with some names being common to every compilation....
amrita shergil

Looking at the art of Amrita Shergil : feat. Activity Sheet!

There are few in India who are unfamiliar with the name of 'Amrita Shergil'. The popular artist, an icon for many, even has a...

Indian Museum, Kolkata: A History of Indian Sculpture

A nondescript placard on the wall reads: “Buddhist Stupa, 2nd Century BC, Bharhut, Madhya Pradesh.” I turn around and almost knock into a magnificent red...
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