#ChaloMuseum: Take the Pledge

    (Featured Image credits to the very talented Bhaskar Chitrakar)

    The #ChaloMuseum Vision

    #ChaloMuseum is a call to action, reminding audiences in India of the wealth of heritage that lies unacknowledged in our own backyards.

    Even though KNMA started this campaign, we’re sure that many of us from the museum world face similar challenges to get people to come to museums. In trying to in building a visitor base. We’re not We’re trying to create a visitor base which means not just getting diverse audiences to come to the museum but also getting them there again and again. As museums around the world grow into their roles as cultural hubs and institutions of soft power, we hope to create an active community of museum goers who see Indian museums as having the same kind of influence.

    For the Heritage Lab, this is a lofty, long term goal, but one which we hope is shared by all the museums which you represent.

    We see the #ChaloMuseum campaign as an opportunity of bringing people closer to museums.

    Participate in the campaign

    The focus of the campaign is primarily on visitor needs and then, the museum collection.

    As a #ChaloMuseum partner, we’ll work with you to share content and create digital engagement that showcases to the world that if you #ChaloMuseum, there is someone on the other end eagerly awaiting to welcome you. This is a chance for your museum to showcase best practices in visitor engagement to a shared audience, like

    • brochures available
    • learning guides and children’s activities (for instance, this one by the National Museum)
    • facilities like toilets, parking (big issues with people in our experience)

    We’d also like your contribution to create content which enriches visitor experience of your galleries, for instance

    • what can visitors do if they have a)one hour b)two hours or c) entire day to spend at your museum
    • what can visitors do if they are visiting your museum a) the first time, b) second time c) fifth time
    • create theme-specific walks around your galleries

    Such content can also be featured on a museum page on our website, like this one we’ve made for the National Museum. These are simply examples of what we hope to achieve and the actual execution will depend on how many of you are enthusiastic about participating.

    Please note-
    Our emphasis will be on designing the campaign in such a way that it bypasses red tape and can be easily executed on social media. Thus, we hope for a quick turnaround!

    So what are you waiting for, fill the form below to get the campaign started!

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