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‘The City as a Museum’ is a travelling festival by DAG Museums that connects artworks from DAG’s encyclopaedic collection of Indian art to heritage spaces and collections in cities across the country. Launched in Kolkata in 2021, this annual festival takes audiences on a journey across a city over 10 days, with specially curated events presented in collaboration with artists, historians, and researchers.  Each site enlivens India’s rich history of visual art by exploring the contexts within which art was created and circulated—uncovering lesser-known stories about artists, their practices, and the myriad influences which shaped their vision. Through collaborations with museums, monuments, cultural institutions, and even family archives the festival opens up access to rare collections, thus redrawing forgotten cartographies of our rich visual history and reimagining the city as a living museum.  

Capture your findings and stories on the map below by hitting the “Add Field Notes” button.

3 best entries win a publication from DAG Museums!

Submissions are open from November 18 – December 10, 2022
(for any questions / queries please write to us / leave a comment)

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Add Field Notes

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