The Bihar Museum Biennale (online): 3 Reasons to Attend!

If you are not already a culture buff, the Bihar Museum Biennale opening on March 22, promises a stunning exploration of India’s diverse cultural heritage. The week-long (and first of its kind) Biennale has been curated by art historian Dr. Alka Pande with a vision to highlight the significance of a museum-culture in India.

The term ‘Biennale’ borrows from the first art biennale staged in Venice in 1895 (Biennale di Venezia). Today art biennales are held all across the world and serve as a ‘must-have’ on the cultural menu of a country (or state). Just like the ‘Great Exhibition of 1851‘ or similar expositions of the 19th century, biennales are a platform for artists, galleries, and cultural groups. Participation in an international biennale (like India at Venice) is a big deal for a country / state /city – and highlights the “soft power” of culture. However, a biennale dedicated to museums is hard to come by, and that is something we have to thank Dr. Alka Pande and the Bihar government officials for.

For each time that you have wondered “why does India not promote its culture better” or said things like “India mein toh yeh ho hee nahi sakta” while admiring museums abroad – allow the Bihar Museum Biennale to give you a renewed glimpse into Indian museums!

Here’s why you should attend the Bihar Biennale:

If you ask us, a Biennale would translate to an adrenaline-addled experience in a pre-covid world; these events that are crucial to evoke a sense of community usually attract thousands of visitors over weeks / months. In keeping with the times, the Bihar Biennale will largely be an online event.

Zoom-fatigue is common, and we understand that – but here’s what : if there’s one thing you can attend this month, let it be the Bihar Biennale. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Art lovers, rejoice: Indian art through the collections of 13 museums!

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