Womens History Month


Celebrating the contribution of women to history, culture and society. Read to explore the iconic women artists of India, what we do during Art+Feminism Editathons and more!

On this day, that is June 18, we remember the legendary Queen of Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai. Often tagged as India’s Joan of Arc, the Queen was a heroine of the 1857 War of Independence (Mutiny). Her legacy lives on today, immortalised by the several stories and songs about her valour. In 1943, the Indian National Army paid her a tribute by initiating an all-women regiment in her name. In this post, we take a look at her story through a…

musical instruments national museum

Sharan Rani Gallery of Musical Instruments, National Museum Delhi

A brass drum from Rajasthan, a Rabab from Kashmir , Edison’s patented phonograph,  a glass Mridangam and so many other instruments from across India at the National Museum New Delhi’s Sharan Rani Gallery of Musical Instruments narrate the fascinating story of India’s musical heritage. The Museum has a collection of 450 old and rare instruments from various regions of India,…


6 Badass Women at the National Museum Delhi

Any visit to the National Museum in Delhi is incomplete if you haven’t met some of the badass women who stay here. Every time I go back to the museum, I make it a point to at least say hello to some of them that I really love. Today was no different, and being #WomensHistoryMonth, I thought this would be…

abstract art nasreen mohamedi

The Abstract Art of Nasreen Mohamedi

“The abstract art of Nasreen Mohamedi is a significant contribution to modernism, expanding the boundaries of western art history” Nasreen Mohamedi is India’s first woman abstract artist, and unrivalled at that.  While she remains little known in India (her home country),  her contribution to the world of modern art is celebrated proudly by Museums across the world.  At a time…

5 women artists of india

5 women artists of India that you must know!

Women’s History Month is coming to an end, and as promised, here’s my post on the 5 women artists of India along with activity suggestions for children. 1. Sahifa Banu Chances are, if you googled “women artists of India”, you’d come across a series of lists, with some names being common to every compilation. Interestingly, this important name has been omitted, or left…

amrita shergil

Looking at the art of Amrita Shergil : Activity

It’s really funny how art is so gendered and presumably “female” and yet somehow, if I asked you to name 5 women artists, you’d struggle. This is the month where every brand, every advertisement and every event focuses on “women”, so its only fair that we put some spotlight on some amazing women artists of India – starting with the…

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