peacock national bird

The Peacock: Of a Fabulous Tail and Fantastic Tales

The competition was tough, the prize impressive. Among the many strong contenders were influential members of the avian fraternity- the Great Indian Bustard, the...
mango national fruit history

Mango : The National Fruit of India

He visits my town once a year. He fills my mouth with kisses and nectar. I spend all my money on him Who, girl, your man? No, a...

Now Showing : the Royal Arts of Jodhpur… in America!

Earlier this month, Mehrangarh Museum's landmark exhibition "Peacock in the Desert : Royal Arts of Jodhpur" opened at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston...

Republic Day Tableaus : A Quick Guide to India’s Heritage

Republic Day is India's greatest National celebration.  Even though January 26 would be a holiday, we would wake up early to watch the Parade...

8 things to learn from Guru Gobind Singh’s Baaj

Guru Gobind Singh is often depicted in paintings holding a 'Baaj'. It is common knowledge that the Guru was known as "Chittay baaja wala"...

Shubho Mahalaya : celebrating the Glory of the Goddess

Shubho Mahalaya!  As a child growing up with Bengali grandparents, this day meant about waking up to the sound of a booming voice on...
rembrandt mughal india

In Paintings: Rembrandt & his Mughal India Inspiration

Rembrandt is one of the greatest artists in history, with his name alone being synonymous with fine art itself!  Yet, few know him as...
krishna art stories

In Pictures: 5 Amazing Krishna Stories from Art Museums

Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Vishnu has been the muse for artists across centuries. In celebrating his birthday, here are five Krishna stories from...

The Kapdaganda Shawl: Of Proposal, Love & Consent

I first came to know of the Kapdaganda Shawl's story at the Odisha State Museum in Bhubaneswar, a few years ago. Ever since, I...

A 21st Century Retelling of Laur & Chanda’s Romance

Some stories get handed over as batons from one generation to the next. But only rarely do we find stories which seem to belong...
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